The story really begins in our childhood– waking up on Sundays to the smell of sticky rice and chocolate champorado porridge, getting caught eating pure cacao tablea from the pantry, and spooning the last bits of thick cacao out of our small cups. It is still these memories,
the aromas that motivate us.

In 2009, addicted to thick tsokolate, we found ourselves growing, fermenting, roasting, grinding, drinking, and eating our way into the world of cacao. With our backgrounds in community development and sustainable retailing, our approach was a little unorthodox. We began tapping our network of farmers to explore the regions' forgotten cacao plantations. This long, bumpy journey showed us hidden communities, unpruned yet vigorous trees, and the huge challenge that lay before us.

In 2010, we received our first large export purchase order.

In 2011, we built our fermentary in Davao, the heart of cacao production in the Philippines.

This year, we are expanding capacity, and building at least one more facility in another region. We also began reforestation efforts to sustainably and equitably grow more cacao.

Our agro-forestry seedling business model was awarded the 2011 Starbucks Shared Planet Award, as well as the British Council Business Plan selection for the Philippines.

Our Partners


Ritual is a pioneer for sustainable, artisan retailing for local, organic products. It encourages its customers to buy only what they can consume, rethinking distribution systems to eliminate plastic waste. It encourages quality of life for all.

Ritual has been featured in Time Magazine, and in Travel and Leisure Asia as the Best of 2010. Our lower-income prototype won the Global Social Venture Asia Best Social Impact Award in 2010.


Seed Core is a network of nurseries and community core centers which acts as a link between farmers and markets, applying a "seed to market" approach that ensures greater success in
planting and reforestation activities.

Seed Core was awarded by the British Council as the top social enterprise plan for 2011 and similarly granted by
Starbucks Shared Planet Award.


Amadelphous AO Ltd. is a business development company with affiliates and shareholders that have an extensive track record in developing and promoting resource-efficient and environmentally responsible products and technologies in several countries.